Temple History

Temple History

A Brief History of the Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey 

Explore a very important piece of congregational history by browsing a copy of the original Dedication Program for our Temple. Also, read some interesting history about the Temple and the land it was built on.

Esther Bakonyi’s Yom Ha-Shoah Speech

Eulogy for Mike Weiner

Sallye Klein memoir

     Founding member and Hebrew School teacher Sallye Klein recalls the earliest days of the JCNWJ, written in 2001 for a presentation canceled by the events of 9/11.

A Day to Remember

An account of Charlotte Fels reading from her book, This is My Story – February 25, 2007

Purim over the years

In Honor of Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

“Once In a Lifetime”

Sharon Herson’s account of our opportunity to fulfil the mitzvah of writing a Torah

“My Synagogue – A Love Story”

How long-time member Charlotte Fels viewed the Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey. (pdf, 9kb)

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