Committees, Activities, and Instruction


The JCNWJ relies on its members to conduct the business of operating a temple and Hebrew School. Below is a list of areas in which members can consider participating.

Membership, Caring, and Publicity
Contacts new families in the area. Follows up on prospective new members. Responsible for all advertising and press releases. Stays in touch with college students and senior citizens. Offers help as needed. Acknowledges births, illnesses, and deaths of members. Membership Information

Religious Practices (Ritual)
Sets up for Rabbi at all services. Establishes a calendar of services for Shabbat, holidays, and B’nai Mitzvah with Rabbi. Assists members in arrangements for B’nai Mitzvah, weddings, and funerals. Meets with Rabbi on religious and philosophical issues and practices. See Religious Practices.

Hires necessary personnel for the religious school. Authorizes purchase of textbooks and other educational supplies. Establishes Hebrew School calendar in conjunction with the Rabbi. Assists school personnel and Rabbi in developing curriculum guide. Oversees Library: person in charge orders new books; maintains all library books for Hebrew School and congregation.

The Parent Teacher Organization plans activities and events for Hebrew School children and families. Conducts fund-raisers to subsidize activities. Works in consultation with the Education Committee.

Presents an annual budget at beginning of fiscal year. Conducts annual audit of the accounts. Examines other matters of finance as the Board may direct.

The House Committee keeps the interior and grounds properly tended and makes periodic inspections. Arranges for the purchase of new furnishings when needed.

The JCNWJ Sisterhood consists of a vibrant group of Temple members who are interested in Jewish life and having fun! Focusing on its members’ interests, the Sisterhood specializes in opportunities for fundraising, social/educational events and service to the congregation and community.

Handles organization and administration of the JCNWJ cemetery property.

Hebrew School teachers and substitutes are sometimes needed. We welcome any person who is qualified and wants to teach (paid position).

The temple’s website, serves as a public relations outlet as well as a resource for temple members. The website provides a source for information about services, events, membership, and other aspects of temple life and community. The temple also maintains a Facebook page.

Musical Instructor
Assists in Hebrew School musical programs, teaching songs and accompanying the children (piano, guitar, other), in consultation with the Education Committee and the Rabbi.

Newsletter Editor
Coordinates and “publishes” electronically a monthly bulletin, the Journal, to keep members informed.

Men’s Club (Inactive)
Gather socially for Sunday breakfasts. Offers service and support to congregation through a variety of programs.



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