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    The Mike Weiner School of Jewish Learning

The Mike Weiner School of Jewish Learning, dedicated on September 22, 2013, is for children ages 6-13 (typically grades 1-7). School is held Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to noon, with classes which include: reading and speaking Hebrew; services and prayers; meaning of holidays and traditions; special events; and music.

The school is named for long-time teacher (grades 4-5) and friend of the JCNWJ Mike Weiner who was forced to step down by illness, but not before leaving an indelible mark on all who were in his class. (See former school principal Rabbi Emerita Lewis’ In Loving Memory of Michael Weiner.)

As a co-op school, the entire congregation takes responsibility for our children’s education. The school is tuition-free for any child of a member in good standing. (Costs for activity supplies are billed separately.) Religious School families play an active role in holiday celebrations held during Sunday School throughout the year. Our religious school teachers and B’nai Mitvah tutors are dedicated to educating our children in a warm and caring environment.

Children are taught Hebrew, customs and traditions, history and the meaning of Judaism. They celebrate the holidays in festive fashion and join the congregation for such holidays as Sukkot, Chanukah and Purim. Special activities, such as making applesauce for Chanukah latkes, are held to bring the traditions of Judaism to life.See the JCNWJ Combined Calendar for Sunday School dates.

For more information please e-mail or call the Jewish Center at (908) 689-0762 and leave a message.

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