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In order to provide for the needs of our membership, many years ago the directors of JCNWJ entered into an agreement with the Easton Cemetery (EC), which is located in Easton, PA. The agreement sets aside a portion of the Easton Cemetery (referred to on the EC maps as Section J) for the exclusive use of the JCNWJ. Specifically, the agreement gives the JCNWJ certain control and exclusive rights to that section of the cemetery known as Section J.The EC is located just off Route 22 in Easton, PA, about ½ hour drive from our temple. (See location on Google Maps.)
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The JCNWJ bylaws and Cemetery Committee rules and regulations govern how JCNWJ will manage the cemetery activities and administer our rights to the EC in respect to all aspects of sale, interment, and control of that area of EC. These bylaws and rules and regulations are linked below and should be reviewed by anyone considering interment for themselves or family members in that section. In general, the intent of these rules and regulations is to provide interment for our members and family in accordance with Jewish traditions, and respecting the commitments to our membership. It is also necessary that we comply with the agreements between JCNWJ, the EC, and any local and state laws as may apply to ownership, burial, marking of graves, and perpetual care. Any prospective purchases (or current owners) of grave sites in the EC cemetery Section J need to carefully review the linked rules and regulations as well as the linked Letter Of Agreement document. Any questions should be addressed to the JCNWJ cemetery committee.

The cemetery has been created to provide suitable burial grounds for JCNWJ congregational members and their immediate families (spouse, child, or parent). In accordance with our agreement with EC, JCNWJ must authorize any purchase and interment with the Section J of EC. Such authorization will be provided in accordance with the linked rules and regulations, which generally require that a purchaser be a member in good standing of the JCNWJ congregation. Prospective purchasers should review the linked documents.

The cemetery area designated for exclusive use by JCNWJ is organized in such a fashion that a portion is for only persons of the Jewish faith, and a separate section is provided for persons of the Jewish faith as well as persons not of the Jewish faith. Persons wishing to visit the cemetery may make arrangements directly with cemetery officials. Prior to purchasing a grave or plot of six graves, any interested party needs to contact the cemetery committee to insure that all requirements for purchase have been met. Easton Cemetery will not sell nor allow for purchase without prior authorization from JCNWJ.
Shrubbery defines the two portions of Section J
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Purchase of graves or plots of six graves may be made from JCNWJ dependent upon location. The price of the grave or graves is $1500.00 per grave at the present time and is subject to change. Other costs related to burial are determined as required at the time of burial. A link to a compendium on Death and Mourning is also included below for the edification of interested parties.

For more information, contact members of the Cemetery Committee:
Beth Lappin , Chair, beth@lappin.com

Howie Hirsch, JCNWJ President, jcnwjprez@gmail.com

JCNWJ By-laws, Article VII, Section 6 (Cemetery) (pdf, 8kb)
Cemetery Rules and Regulations (pdf, 13kb)
Letter of Agreement (pdf, 8kb)

Explanatory Letter
Death and Mourning (pdf, 70kb)
Cemetery Map – Section “J” Highlighted
Funeral Arrangement Information (pdf, 27kb)

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