High Holiday Form

In 2021, Erev Rosh Hashanah is Sunriday, September 5th and Kol Nidre is Wednesday, September 15th (Note that starting time for these evening services is now 7:00 p.m.) As our thoughts turn to the coming of the New Year, several items that contribute to our observances need to be acted upon.



It has been our congregation’s custom to set aside a special fund for the purchase of fresh flowers for the bima on the High Holy Days. A donation in any amount is greatly appreciated and can be indicated on the accompanying form. 


Instead of sending greeting cards to one another, it has been our congregation’s custom to send New Year’s greetings through our newsletter, The Journal. Let’s continue this “inreach” to each other in 5781! The cost is $5.00 per greeting and each will be printed in either the October issue. A typical greeting might be 

L’Shanah Tovah from the ________ Family

Please write your greeting(s) on the accompanying form. These funds are earmarked for gift baskets to members who are ill. 


This is the ONLY opportunity you will have to submit the names of family members and friends whom you wish to have included in the Yiskor service on Yom Kippur. You may submit as many names as you wish. The cost is $5.00 per name for each of the first five names, then $1.00 per name for any additional names (e.g., 6 names = $26.00).

Please list the names on the accompanying form.

For this years Yizkor reading, instead of the names being read, we will have a scrolling list with your loved one’s name and picture, if you supply it to us.  Please upload your photo to the jcnwjprez account on dropbox.com.  If you can not do this, send your jpg file to Howie at jcnwjprez@gmail.com.  Please keep file size under 2 MB.

Print and return the accompanying form by August 10th .

We will not be able to accept any requests after that date. Please write one check, payable to the Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey (JCNWJ), and mail the form with your payment to or make your donation on the temple website directly.

Iris Hirsch 52 Russling Road, Hackettstown NJ 07840. If you need any further help or have questions, please call Iris at (908) 850 1030, 908 239 4585 or irishirsch@comcast.net.


Thank you.


The Religious Practices Committee


  • Enter your family name here
  • For example: L’Shanah Tovah from the ________ Family
  • Use this field if for your first 5 names
    Price: $5.00
  • Add the number of Additional names for the Yizkor list here
    Price: $1.00
  • $0.00
  • List the names of people you would like remembered for Yizkor.

New phone number 908-689-0762