Renovating the Temple Kitchen


Renovating the Temple Kitchen


Prompted by a generous anonymous donation, the temple’s kitchen is undergoing a complete renovation. Discussion of a “makeover” had been ongoing for many years, but in July 2014 the project became a reality.

This page featured the progress of the project which was completed on schedule before the High Holy Days, and a dedication ceremony was held on September 12.



A look around the kitchen on June 25, 2014 before work began.
The kitchen was essentially unchanged since being added to the building in the 1950s or 60s. The building was constructed in 1946.
Sink is last item out.
Aluminum studs are cut to length.
One by one studs are carried in.
Note original floor tiles.
New sheetrock transforms the kitchen.
Plumbing required excavation of floor.
Early August cabinet install.
Early August cabinet install looks different 2 weeks later!.
New counter and sink make a world of difference.
It’s a new view in August…
…but more so in September!
The double door is a single door, but…
…once inside we see why.

A kitchen dedication Shabbat service
was held on
Friday, September 12, 2014.

The stove and fridge will arrive soon.
As will the congregation.
By October, the kitchen was complete!
The congregation of the Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey looks forward to many years of mitzvahs using our new kitchen!



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