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Summer 2017 Message from President Howie Hirsch

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer. I hope that you are all getting a chance to spend some time with your families and doing enjoyable activities. Our picnic was a wonderful success and a great time was had by all.

While you are relaxing and enjoying your summer, your ritual committee has been hard at work, making arrangements for the high holidays. You will be receiving your invitation in the mail soon. If you have been assigned a part for the holidays, please accept it quickly as the honor that it is intended and let the committee know that you will accept the honor. If you are unable to do so, please let the committee know that as well. They work very hard to give everyone a chance to participate, and if you are unable to participate, then they need to know that as soon as possible, so that they have time to adjust the schedule.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer and come back to the temple in September with a renewed sense of life and energy to make this place a sacred place for prayer and a welcoming and Hamish place for community.

See you on Friday, August 11th, for services and a pot luck dinner, or in September.


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Last updated: August 9, 2017