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Summer 2016 Message from President Howie Hirsch

To quote my good friend and former temple member Lenny Bloch, ďDonít just be good, be good for something.Ē

How Jewish is that statement? The Torah commands us to repair the world. We are not obligated to complete the task, but nor are we relieved of the duty of doing our part. There isnít a member of our congregation I know of that does not do some good to make the world a better place. Some of us donate to charities, some of us donate our time to help others, some of us raise money for good causes. There are even those among our congregation who start their own charities. Whatever you plan on doing this summer, try to incorporate a little Tikkun Olam in your plans. Do it on your own terms, because if you do something from your heart and you enjoy what you are doing, it becomes a labor of love. Every time I volunteer or make a contribution or run a board meeting, I always feel a little better about the shape that the world is in.

If you listen to enough news, it seems like the world is in total disarray. If you look at all the good that people are doing quietly and without reward (or television or internet coverage), I think that you will find the world is a much better place than what the media portrays. BUT, that does not mean there are not things to be done, and people and animals that need our help. Make the JCNWJ proud of the charities you work for.

I would love for you to send me a list of the organizations that you donate your time to. I will use this as part of my Yom Kippur speech. I will not list any names, but I will list the organizations that we are supporting with our time. If you want to send me the names of the organizations and not include your name, that is just as good. I simply want the congregation to know that all of our good deeds are not only for our temple, but that we walk the walk in terms of assisting those in need.

Have a wonderful summer.

Howie Hirsch

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