Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

President's Message Summer 2012

If you arenít excited about our temple, you simply are not paying attention.

I canít believe it has been 18 years since Rabbi Lewis and I joined this congregation. I remember when I was searching for a temple, I came to services in the late spring and there was a male Rabbi who seemed to be very nice, and I thought we got along well the one time I met him. Then I came to Rosh Hashanah services in the fall and there was a woman Rabbi, A WOMAN RABBI. I donít think I had even heard of such a thing let alone have a woman for my own Rabbi. I was brought up in a conservative congregation where at least girls were able to be Bat Mitzvah'ed, but a woman rabbi?

Four days later I suffered a terrible accident when I fell out of a third story window. This woman Rabbi called me in the hospital to see how I was doing. It was probably one of the first things she did outside of her ďnormalĒ duties in the congregation. It was an odd way to start off my life in the Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey.

As I started to know Rabbi Lewis, I found her to be intelligent, personable, caring, nurturing and a general joy to be around. I am not sure what my life would have been like without the Jewish Center and Rabbi Lewis: they are inseparable to me at this point. The Jewish Center is my second home and the congregation has allowed me to be the president for 7 of the last 9 years.

If it were not for Rabbi Lewis, I do not think that I would have grown in my life enough to be able to handle this position.

So on Friday, June 22, and Saturday, June 23, we will be holding a very special Shabbaton in honor of Rabbi Lewisí 18th year at this shul. There will be guest rabbis and cantors joining us on this weekend including our previous student cantors, now ordained cantors Marcy Kadin and Elana Rosen-Brown. On Friday night, we will be presenting a Torah to the congregation in honor of Rabbi Lewis. Please join with me and my family to honor our very special Rabbi.



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