Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

115 Youmans Avenue, Washington, New Jersey
(908) 689-0762

President's Message Summer 2005

This month I would like to take time to say thank you to the members of the board who have left in the last two years.

Laurie Hessels tended to our building with a love few have shown. She was a tireless and dedicated caretaker who truly loved our building and it showed in everything she did. Laurie Post ran our Sunday school for three years and helped this year to transition our school to the co-op concept. Through her love and commitment and leadership, our Sunday school is thriving. Don Meltz is an inspiration to me. Don was vice president before my term and is a person whose opinions, while sometimes different from my own, is a voice that I have listened to over the years and for that I will always be grateful. Judy Schroeder has been my secretary for the last two years and has done a wonderful job. Judy is a person who had made many contributions to the temple, including running the Hanukah boutique. I was lucky to have had her on the board with me the past two years. Her spirit in board meetings will be missed. Joanne Weiss was another new member of our board. Joanne oversaw Cantor Neff's arrangements for us this year. She is a quiet voice of intelligence and reason. Ken Weiland took over the building from Laurie and continued her loving tradition. Ken’s two major additions to the temple are the donation holders on the pews and the simcha tree in the front lobby. His love for our temple shows through his work.

Being on the board of this temple is an honor and responsibility with which each of these individuals handled with grace and dignity. As president,I get to say for the entire congregation THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Howie Hirsch