Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

115 Youmans Avenue, Washington, New Jersey
(908) 689-0762

President's Message Summer 2004

Sitting in my upstairs bedroom this evening, I am reminded that climbing stairs is not something that we can take for granted. This year, I have tried my best to make our beloved temple handicapped accessible. As I sit here tonight, I am so excited. I have just received a complete set of architectural drawings for an upgrade to make this happen. The plans call for a few major improvements and some minor improvements. The major improvements are to put a lift in the front of the building, which will enable people to enter, exit and move between floors of the building without using a single stair. It will also enable a person to access the entire building in a wheelchair. The second major improvement is to remodel one of the upstairs classrooms into a handicapped accessible bathroom on the upper floor.

The third major improvement is to put an addition at the rear or the building to add classroom space that we are losing due to the other changes. In order to begin work on this project, the congregation must approve of this project in a special meeting.

As your president, I firmly believe that these improvements are essential to the continued viability of our congregation.

I urge you to attend this special meeting and to make your feelings known about this renovation. Your opinion is both valued and essential.

Howie Hirsch