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December 2017 Message from President Howie Hirsch

As some of you may know, I am on the road a lot for my business. While many of my fellow business travelers spend a good deal of time in their hotel rooms while on the road, I try to get out of the room and see what is around me. In this vein, I have taken upon a quest to have my picture taken at all 50 state capitol buildings. In the two plus years that I have done this, I have now taken my picture at 32 capitols. Some of my capitol pictures are easier to get than others, as I may have meetings in the city where the capitol is. Last week, after work was done for the day, I drove from Dallas, Texas to Oklahoma City and back in 6 hours just to take a picture.

The reason I am starting with this story is that our temple family is embarking on a trip to Israel in June. While I know that some of you cannot make this trip, I would like to encourage those of you who are on the fence to get out of your comfort zone, make an extra effort to come to Israel with us. Having been to Israel 10 years ago, I am excited to see what has changed and what has remained the same. However, what really excites me about this trip is traveling with my temple family. I am so excited to share the wonder of our ancestral home with however many of you are able to join us. If you have never been to Israel, I urge you to take this opportunity to finally make Aliyah and go. For those of you who have been there already, I think you will see the country in a new light while traveling with Rabbi Dubin and the rest of the JCNWJ family.

Iris and I wish all of you a very Happy Hanukkah. Our wishes for you for the next secular year are simple: we wish for you good health, happiness and contentment with your lives and NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM.

Love, Howie

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