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December 2016 Message from President Howie Hirsch

Last week, we celebrated the American version of Sukkot, which we call Thanksgiving. It is a time of reflection for me, as I have watched members of my immediate family as well as my temple family have some downs this autumn. I am thankful for all the joys that are in my life and I pray for those of you who are dealing with struggles to remember your attitude.

Attitude is what you project from yourself. I have seen people with many material things in life have attitudes that they are entitled to those things. I have seen people like this have attitudes that reflect that they expect everything to work out for their own personal good. The attitude I like to project is one of helpfulness. I want to be helpful to Iris, to my father, to my family, to my temple and to the world.

Attitude is the one thing that you can control in your life. You cannot control who will run the country, although you have a vote. You cannot control if a friend says something hurtful to you. You cannot control certain health issues. You cannot control how other people react to you. What you can control is how you react to others. You can control the attitude you project.

Are your actions consistent with how you wish to be perceived? I know in my life that sometimes things I say or do are not taken in the manner they were meant. I cannot control how someone reacts to my words and actions, but I can try my best to use words that are conciliatory and not accusatory. It doesnít always work, but all I can do is continue to keep my attitude positive, whether things are going well or things are not going well. My attitude should be the same in all conditions. Isnít that wishful thinking???

As you prepare for the end of the year, for Chanukah and the secular New Year, I would like you to think of the attitude that you project with your words and actions and strive to make them as peaceful to your fellow humans as you can. Perception is reality, and when you project a positive attitude, things always seems to look better.

With much love and thanks,
Howie Hirsch

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