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President's Message December 2014

Every Friday morning, I receive an e-mail from ReformJudaism.Org, which provides a weekly update, including sections entitled “Ten Minutes of Torah,” “Weekly Torah Portion,” “Ask a Rabbi,” and “News & Blog.” Each section is an interesting read.

This past week’s “Ten Minutes of Torah” focused on Thanksgiving and whether or not it is a Jewish holiday. I personally have never looked at Thanksgiving in that manner. The author did acknowledge that Thanksgiving has no religious overtones and that the meal is devoid of any religious rituals. It is a holiday for everyone regardless of differing religious beliefs. It is synonymous to all religions, for each has a measure of thankfulness.

For us at the JCNWJ, our thanks go out to all of those who work tirelessly in making the synogogue a wonderful gathering place for both youth and adults. As the website references, our temple is a co-op membership, and its success relies on the volunteerism of and contributions from all of its members.

Through the years, these contributions have consisted of serving as lay leaders, actively contributing to the education program as a teacher, committee member, or just an assistant at the door on a Sunday morning, sponsoring one oneg a year (including set up and clean up), assisting with the organization of our bimonthly Shabbat service, making each holiday and b’nai mitzvah a special and memorable occasion, overseeing our fiscal responsibilities, and maintaining our facility so that we can showcase a proud venue. It takes the contributions of many volunteers to address each of these.

The time and effort of our members can easily be overlooked and many times we forget to thank them for the smallest of tasks. I recognize that we all have hectic and time consuming daily lives with our respective families and that squeezing in some volunteer time can be difficult. But, thankfully, the majority of our member families, whether for personal and religious satisfaction or for our kids, have found time to assist in our temple needs, a mitzvah that has made the JCNWJ so successful

On this Thanksgiving, I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks to our members for contributing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Mo Bauer

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