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President's Message December 2010

At this time of year, things tend to get very busy. As I write this letter, Hanukah is only 3 days away.

In addition, many folks feel a need to be with each other at this time of year, probably due to the overwhelming Christian society in which we live, where the month of December turns into a race to do the most shopping, buy the best presents, bake the best cookies and make the nicest holiday dinners. I always look forward to a nice brisket with my wife’s home made latkes and applesauce from Teri Stanton. The lighting of the Hanukiah, and watching the flames burn all the way down, to see which candle will last the longest each night, the smell of the latkes cooking, cleaning up after Iris has made a mess in the kitchen hand grating the potatoes for the latkes, seeing temple members join us at Splash this Saturday to sing Hanukah songs and enjoy a wonderful dinner. Did I mention the gelt? With all of these things going on, how is it possible to not be thankful for all we have around us.

We have a unique little Jewish community in the midst of a culture that this not ours. Trying to fit in and keep our traditions is a task that is hard to do, but do them we will, as this is what has kept Judaism alive and well for almost 6,000 years.

I wish you all a Happy Hanukah.

Howie Hirsch


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Last updated: December 4, 2010