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President's Message December 2009

This month I would like share my feelings on how certain things happen in the temple and the impact that they have on me. Sounds like a heavy subject and that I am going to ask you all to do more. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My message to you concerns lessons that I have learned by teaching the adult Hebrew class over the past two years.

The first message is that learning is fun. My class has as much fun as any group of people that I have ever been involved with.

As with any group that has been together for a length of time, we truly care about each other. One evening when I was out of town and we cancelled class, the rest of the class went to a member's house to help her unpack boxes in her new home.

As the teacher for over two years, I can truly say that there has never been one day that I did not feel like teaching the class. I look forward to seeing my friends (students) as well as my mentor and my teacher in the class, Charlotte.

They started two years ago without being able to read a word of Hebrew and they can now read the entire prayer book. If you ask them, they are humble and will say that they are not that good, but they are.

What this class has taught me is that education without fun might be really boring, but learning while having fun with old and new friends is something that we should always be pursued.

I urge you to look for learning opportunities at the temple, and if there is something that interests you and that you would like to learn, bring it to my or the Rabbi’s attention. We might not get around to it right away, but if there is enough interest in a subject, we will do what we can to make it happen.

To quote Eric Clapton, "Keep on growing".




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