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President's Message November 2013

Our October 25th Shabbat service included the installation of our board of trustees and officers, including myself as our new president. Prior to the service, I was informed that I would be addressing the congregation with a few words of reflection on my leadership and connection with the temple. I may have been a little long winded, but one canít say enough about our temple. The warm and inviting atmosphere makes one who may not be the most religiously connected to want to become more involved and to contribute to our community. I have attended many temples throughout my life, but never once envisioned leading a congregation. The sincerity, togetherness and helping hands of the members of this congregation made my decision to become president easy.

No single person makes our temple tick. As evidenced by the installation, 15 board members actively run our temple through 9 committees, a thriving sisterhood and various ancillary positions, all of which include our adults and our youth. The committees set our religious practices, oversee our youth and adult education programs, maintain our building, build our membership and reach out to the local community. Our committees formulate programs for us to give back to the local community including a walk-a-thon for brain cancer, picking fruits and vegetables for delivery to the local food pantry at Grow-A-Row, and assisting families in need through the Family Promise program.

Although many of the programs and inter-workings of the temple are formulated by committees, it is the congregationsí member participation and attendance at these events that make each a success. This participation is what brings us together as a temple, it is the basis of our enjoying each otherís company and the cornerstone for making our temple a success. This camaraderie is noticeably present at each of our services and onegs. It influences new familiesí decision to join our community and encourages our members to participate and take on leadership roles.

Mo Bauer


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