Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

President's Message November 2009

Fall is upon us again. It is a time for change. It is a time to put our homes in order to prepare for the winter. The High Holidays are over with, and we have made our atonements to be better people this year than last. We have decorated our Sukkah and celebrated in it, and picked it up when the winds decided they didnít like our positioning of the Sukkah. We have consecrated our new students. Some have built "sukkah hats". We have danced with the Torah during Simchat Torah. We have donated blood. We have begun a challenge from the President to the Sunday School classes. We have welcomed a new cantor, who has held our first ever Tot Shabbat. As things go in our temple life, some things remain the same and some change.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who has helped in the center over the last few months. As you can tell, it really does take a little bit of effort from all of us to continue to have this special spiritual home. The amount of work that our teachers, committee chairs, Rabbi, Cantor, Board of Directors and all of the leaders of the congregation perform often goes unmentioned, but it is always good to hear a kind word or feel a pat on the back. If you have not said anything to the folks that you know who do their all to contribute to the temple, please say something to them the next time you see them. Let them know you appreciate all of their dedicated work. And ask if they could use a little help. If you listened to the Rabbiís sermon over the holidays, I love it when she mentions all of the jobs that are needed to make our temple function.

For those who are having medical issues this month, I wish you all a very speedy recovery and all of the good wishes the temple can send to you. We are all with you.

I love the autumn and the changes it brings. I love the colors of the trees here in Warren County. Okay, I donít love raking leaves, but I love being outdoors, so there are benefits to raking leaves as well. It is time to say good-bye to summer and prepare ourselves for the winter ahead.

I am also very proud of the attendance of the Sunday School children at services so far this year. Keep it up and you will win the challenge.

Shalom to you all.



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Last updated: November 2, 2009