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President's Message October 2012

Sometimes you donít know where your next great inspiration is going to come from. In my case, the latest really cool thing happened at our Rosh Hashanah torah service. Having our oldest congregant, Edythe Herson, have the honor of leading the Rosh Hashanah hakafah around the temple was one of the most emotional moments that I have experienced in the temple. I donít know all of the feelings that were going through Edytheís mind as she was finally able to carry the Torah. But you could tell from the tears that were streaming down her face, how much the moment meant to her.

Later in the service, as Marsha Gross and I prepared to succeed Eric Edelstein as the Baíal Tekiah, both of us were able to feel Ericís presence on the Bimah one more time.

This is one of the things that I love about our temple. We all have the opportunity to do something we have never done before, and to grow from the experience.

As a person who loves to sing, but does not have a good voice, I am thrilled to be part of the choir that sang Kol Nidre and Ha-Yom at this yearís Yom Kippur service.

I do challenge you to make a commitment to your Jewish soul to do one thing this year at the temple that you have not done before, whether it may be to read from the Torah, do an aliyah, assist at a Sunday school event, or even throw a sponge at me at the Purim Carnival for the first time. This is one of the benefits of belonging to a small and close knit group, where everyone will accept your effort and applaud you for it (at least that is my hope for the choir).

I wish you much luck in your spiritual journey this year.

LíShanah Tovah.



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