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President's Message October 2011

I can feel autumn coming already. There is a chill to the early morning air. My garden is finishing up the last of the tomatoes. The gourds are just about done. It is almost time to plant my favorite crop, which is garlic.

The leaves will begin changing in the near future and those of us lucky to have many trees will get to spend our fall days outside raking and removing the leaves from our yards. I love these days, when it is not so hot, and I get to work in the yard with a jacket on, as opposed to the winter when we get to bundle up to remove the snow.

While I am speaking about weather, my father who lives in California said to me the other day, “I don’t know how you can live in a state where you get both hurricanes and earthquakes." One of my favorite things about living in New Jersey is that we are relatively immune from these types of natural disasters, floods on the Passaic River excluded. I had never experienced an earthquake while awake before. I was sitting in a parking lot in Washington at the time and I felt my car sway up and down slightly for about 30 seconds. I really didn’t know what to make of it, so my first thought was to look at the trees to see if there was a strong wind blowing, which there was not. I heard on the radio and they were saying they thought an earthquake just hit New York City. I then understood what had happened and immediately called Iris and asked her the question I would hear asked about a thousand times in the next few days, “Did you feel the earthquake?” I still feel safe from natural disasters here in Warren County, but maybe just a tad more wary.

My wish for you this year is the same as every year. I wish you good health, to be able to live life to the fullest, enjoy your family and friends, and support our temple.

Shanah Tovah


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