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President's Message October 2009

The High Holidays: A lay perspective

At this time of year, I tend to reminisce a bit about the past year and years past. I think of what I have done well and hope to build on my successes. I also look at where I either failed or did not live up to my own expectations in my professional, personal and temple relationships, and try to decide how I can be better in all facets of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to ask your forgiveness if I have done anything to offend you this year. I also forgive everyone who may have offended me this year. May we all try to be better people in the year 5770.

I also think about my family. Those who are still with me as well as those who are not. This year, my children will not be with me on the holidays and I will miss them very much. My parents will be with me again this year, and I consider this a true blessing. I miss spending the High Holidays praying with my grandfathers in temple, as well as rushing home after hearing the shofar blow to a light dinner of bagels, scrambled eggs, tuna fish and salmon salad. Those memories of my youth have been replaced by new traditions, such as staying for havdallah after the blowing of the shofar, enjoying the wonderful aroma of the spice box, and then breaking the fast with my fellow congregants in our simcha room.

Combining the old traditions with the new traditions is what I feel makes my life complete. I treasure all of your friendships. The people I have known since I joined the temple as well as the new members who have just joined. You all hold a special place in my heart as we work together to keep our jewel of Jewish learning in Warren County vibrant and alive.

Shanah Tovah



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