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President's Message September 2011

Welcome back to another year at the Jewish Center. I hope you have enjoyed your summer and will be coming back to the center with renewed energy.

There are two major committees that do not get to take the summer off. One is the Religious Practices committee, whose members work so hard to prepare everything for the High Holidays, so I want to thank chair Sharon Herson and her committee for all of their hard work. When you see your invitation with honors that have been assigned to you, please respond quickly, even if you cannot perform the honors you have been assigned. That gives us a chance to give these honors to someone else, but please remember that these are honors you are receiving, and we hope that you will be able to enjoy performing the honor.

The second committee that doesnít get to take the summer off is the Education Committee, which has been spent the summer planning the coming yearís Hebrew School theme and programs around that theme. I want to thank chair Marsha Gross and her committee for all of their hard work as well. To my other committee chairs, I know you also work hard, but I felt the need to call out these two committees for special inclusion this year.

I look forward to a wonderful year, and I am excited to see all of you on Friday, September 9, for our next Shabbat Service. To find information on when anything is happening, please visit our website. The Combined Calendar contains everything that is happening at the center. There will be updates to this, so if you print it, please check the online version for updates. Also, we have the upcoming events at the center on the homepage for easy access.

I lastly want to thank everyone who contributed to the Sisterhood party in my honor in June. I was moved beyond words at how I have touched so many of you during my time as president. It does make all the work worthwhile.

Shalom and love,


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Last updated: September 4, 2011