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President's Message September 2010

The High Holidays approach as I write this monthís message. For many people, the holidays bring with them a sense of awe and responsibility. For me, there are memories very similar to Passover, meaning that it is family time.

I can recall my grandparents coming out to stay with us for the holidays when I was growing up. The food was good and I was able to spend time with my grandparents, or more correctly, my grandfathers, because my grandmothers rarely attended temple with us. My two grandfathers could not have been more different. My motherís father, Nathan, was an orthodox Jew, who always seemed very reserved and the prayers were very meaningful to him. I think this is where I learned many of the spiritual ethics that guide me in my life. My fatherís father, Henry, was a bit crazy. I remember him as the life of any party that we were at. He loved to have a good time and encouraged others to do so as well. I think that I have picked up some of these traits as well.

This year at the High Holidays, I am proud to be the grandson of these two wonderful men.

I hope that the holidays for you will be as meaningful as I hope they are for me.

LíShanah Tovah Tikatevu
Howie Hirsch


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