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President's Message September 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

I am enthusiastic about starting my second stint as president of our Jewish Center. Over the past two years I have seen an increase in excitement in the center and its activities. We have been maintaining our old traditions while infusing new and creative ideas from old and new members alike.

I really love this center because of all of you. You brighten up my day every time you walk into the temple and I see your face. Even when we come to the center a little down from the strain of work, school and life, we all seem to be able to walk out of the building feeling a little better. That is why I am a member of this congregation and I am proud to serve the congregation. As with any organization, this one simply will not run without your help. There are many tasks that need to be done, both large and small. I hope that I can count on your help to make our center run smoothly.

I also encourage your ideas. New members mean that that there are ideas suggested that we may have previously tried and not done in a while, or ideas that you may have seen work in other organizations. Whatever they may be, please feel free to share them with me or any other board member. My e-mail address is We may not be able to implement them all, but just the discussions are very beneficial to the health and vitality of our temple.

Our board meetings are usually the first Monday of the month (visit link for schedule) and are open to anyone in the organization. If you want to see a group of people running an organization and having fun while doing it, I welcome you to attend and lend your ideas to us that way as well. I encourage you to visit this website often for the latest news from the temple as well as the Ritual and Religious school calendars.

May the year 5770 bring us health, happiness and a renewed sense of community. This temple is a VERY SPECIAL place and I hope you all realize what a remarkable organization to which we all belong.

Shanah Tovah
Howie Hirsch



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