Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

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President's Message September 2006

I want to use this space this month to talk to you about a statement I have heard many times and always wonder how best to apply it to my life. The statement is Think Globally, Act Locally. As we watch the news every day and see the war that is occurring in Israel, even though there is a fragile cease fire at the moment, how do we conduct our lives here, but either help Israel directly or indirectly. Some of us donate money to Israel and other reform organizations, which assist the soldiers and their families. Others pray for a day when terrorist organizations will not be plotting destruction of Israel, the US or any other target. Others pray with their hands. They understand that a strong local Jewish community is also vital to the state of Israel’s survival. With this in mind, I have some giant thank yous for this month’s column. First and foremost to Gwen Nagorsky, who with her vision, dedication, hard work, cajoling and enticing people has transformed the Jewish Center over the summer. You will all be very impressed as I am with what has been accomplished since the school year has ended. Helpers in this effort have included the entire Ostenfeld family, Iris and Sam Hirsch, the entire Moyer family, Eric Edelstein, Leah Nagorsky, the Weiland family, the Weiner family, Esther Bakonyi, Cheryl Orenstein, and any others who showed up when I wasn’t there. You have all pitched in and shown what we can accomplish with our own hands.

I want to thank the people who have taken over new jobs this year and want everyone to know that we are always looking for people to get involved in the temple and the Sunday school. There are many ways you can get involved and many committees where your help is vital to the continuation of our Jewish community in rural Warren County. I want to remind you that being a Jew does come with a price. In out area, the price is not as steep as it is in Israel, where lives are at risk every day and people go about there business, with the threat in the background. For us, the threats are not as imminent in pour everyday thinking. So when you go to bed at night, thank the Lord that there is peace in our land and that our children are growing up in a peaceful land, and do what you can to make our community stronger and the world a better place. I love you all and I am excited about the
upcoming year.