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President's Message September 2005


Shalom is how I always begin my newsletter message. PEACE, our most precious gift. This time of year always represents change. For parents of school age children, it means the relaxing pace of summer is replaced by the school year. For parents of college age kids, it may mean saying goodbye to your children as they go off to school. For others it may be that the change of seasons is upon us. For us in New Jersey, the seasons changing let us know that the song does not remain the same for very long.

Personally, I am excited that the temple renovation work has started. There will be some bumps in the road, but I am confident that the congregation and Sunday School will be able to cope with anything necessary. We have been discussing this for years and we hope to have the lift installed by the High Holidays. Hopefully sooner.

With all this change going on, it is nothing compared to what we see in the land of Israel. Scenes of pioneering Jewish settlers leaving their homes to try and contribute to a peace movement. As most of us watch the developments, we wonder what will happen? Will the Palestinians stop the homicide bombings? Do they think this is the first step in eradicating Israel? I have always been an optimist and I am praying that this is the beginning of a safer time in Israel’s history. Prime Minister Sharon’s government has taken a bold stand in a war for peace. I will support this effort because they are taking a chance in the hope of peace. The one sure thing we know is that if we do nothing, nothing will improve. I will continue to be optimistic and pray for the safety of the all of the citizens in the land of Israel.

Howie Hirsch