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President's Message September 2004

As we approach the High Holidays, I find this time of year to be a good one to reflect on how my life has been the last year and to see if it is going in a good direction. I have come through many ups and downs this year and I am looking forward to the upcoming year with much anticipation. Some things are working out very well, in terms of the Jewish Center and my family and my career, and other things concern me very much, such as my family, the Jewish Center and my career.
In the current economic environment, we must all be prepared for what may lay ahead. Some of us will face tougher security at our workplaces. I work 3 blocks from the Prudential building in Newark, a named terrorist target. Some of us have been out of work this year and some of us are not sure what the future holds for our chosen careers. Iris and I now have three teenagers in the house, with all that that implies. We certainly have our hands full, but look for ways to make our home life as happy as possible.
Probably my favorite part of the last year has been leading the lay services on our “off” weeks from services. It gives me a chance to really think about what prayer means to me, but more importantly what all of you mean to me. You are my second family and I treasure each and every one on you from the youngest to the oldest. You are the reason that I love being at this temple.
I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.
And remember, if you need my help for for anything, I am only a phone call away.