Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

115 Youmans Avenue, Washington, New Jersey
(908) 689-0762

President's Message September 2003

Having been the President of the congregation for 2 months as I write this, I am truly amazed by the love that people have for this organization. During the first months, I have led a lay service with a wonderful potluck dinner afterwards, have become involved in the upgrade of our building, the contract talks with Rabbi Lewis, upgrading our web site, discussing social ideas and your concerns with many of you over the summer and even got to help bail out the basement (again). After having been an involved member for 9 years, I am still amazed that I am president. I definitely feel overwhelmed at times, as this job seems to occupy your thoughts at all times. I am still a novice at this job and I am depending on the advice of four past presidents, Stan, Helen, Sharon and Gwen. Each one of them has been a huge help to me so far.

I have plans for the fall, winter and spring of having more social events at the temple. Many things have been suggested and we will try as many as we can. My hope is that there will be something for everyone this year.
As we come up to the High Holidays, please consider how you can become more involved in our community.

Our committees need volunteers and I need help in getting the social events off the ground. If you are interested in helping, please contact me. I know we will be able to put your talents to good use.

I wish you all a L’SHANAH TOVAH.