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President's Message May 2012

If you aren’t excited about our temple, you simply are not paying attention.

Last weekend we had a special congregational meeting to discuss and approve the purchase of a new lightweight Torah in honor of Rabbi Lewis’s 18th year with us. We are also using the occasion to honor the memories of two of our most consistent Torah learners and teachers, Eric Edelstein and Charlotte Fels. The enthusiasm at this meeting was contagious. We discussed a few issues surrounding the purchase, and then voted unanimously to purchase the Torah.

We have two B’Nai Mitzvahs upcoming this spring. The Sisterhood is sponsoring a tour of “Walking Delancey Street” in New York City on May 6th with a late lunch at Noah’s Ark Deli. We will have our own newly ordained “Cantor” Elana Rosen-Brown leading us in song at Shabbat services on May 18th. We have Cantor Daniel Pincus teaching a class on shofar blowing. We do need folks to blow the shofar on the high holidays, confirmation students are especially welcome. This event is in memory of our long time shofarist Eric Edelstein. We have our general congregational meeting on June 10th.

And to top it all off, we are thrilled to be celebrating Rabbi Lewis’s Chai year with us during Shabbat service on June 22st and a special Saturday morning service on the 23nd followed by a luncheon. I realize you could read this in the Special Events section of this website, but I just wanted to remind everyone of what a thriving Jewish community we have here in rural Warren County, and how proud I am of the board of trustees for making the Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey a place I am glad to call home.



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Last updated: May 6, 2012