Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

President's Message May 2007

All this year we are celebrating our 60th anniversary. During the year, I hope you all take a few minutes to pause and think about the gift that the founders of our temple have given us, and that is a building with no mortgage. It is one of the reasons that we have the second lowest dues in the state of New Jersey. Still, this does not mean we can take this for granted and we still need money to maintain and improve our building and programs.

In the spring in our shul, it is now Bat Mitzvah time, and we will see five of our young ladies take the Bimah with love and pride for our temple. On June 10th, we will be having a picnic at the home of Mike Weiner and Diane Margolin. This is truly going to be a special day and I hope that you can all attend and share the simcha of this remarkable feat with us. If you have other obligations at some point during the day, please join us before or after. We are a small but tightly knit community and it takes each and every one of us to make this temple a home. Letís make this the biggest celebration this temple has ever seen.





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