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President's Message May 2006

This month I was able to attend two events at the temple. The first was a talent show on April the first, April fools day as they say, but there were no fools present in the temple that night. The audience was treated to entertainment from our members, from the youngest, Heather Gross to the oldest Stanley Schick. This was a night that I will remember for a long long time. The performers, while nervous, were spectacular. My thanks to all of the performers for making my evening. My highlight of the evening was Stanley’s rendition of ’Tis Autumn, a song he heard after returning from service in World War II, and finally had the place where his desire and an outlet to sing it coincided. When Stan finished singing, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I hope we do this event again and those of you who were too shy or embarrassed to perform will reconsider and grace us with your talents.

The second event was a second night Seder. Rabbi Lewis was her usual self in leading us on a journey that I don't get with my family. there is something unusual about having the Seder led by our Rabbi. Although we had 50 people there this year, it felt like home. We all got to sing and read and enjoy the Seder in a new light. One of the things I enjoy about Seder is that I always seem to look at the holiday with new eyes. Some years more than others, I really feel like I am crossing the Red Sea and coming into a new age of freedom and uncertainty. Freedom does have it's price. Ask any soldier or veteran.

As I prepare to go to my first political rally in Washington later this week, to try and raise awareness for the genocide in Darfur, I am thankful to all of the Americans who have either risked or given their lives, so that we may be able to live in peace and be able to speak our minds without fear of reprisal. This is a great country we live in and I hope we never take what we have for granted and always remember that we must all find the cost of freedom in our own lives.