Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

115 Youmans Avenue, Washington, New Jersey
(908) 689-0762

President's Message May 2004

As we enter the spring, change is all around us. From the crocuses peeking the buds through the snow, to the pansies, tulips, hyacinths and the early spring bloomers, they are here to remind us that things are always in a state of change. Some people love change, but most of us seem to be creatures of habit. We love it when shoes gets comfortable, and enjoy wearing them that way.

In our temple life, as some things stay the same, so must other things change. Hopefully, as we bring in some changes into the JCNWJ, we remember what is great about this congregation, and attempt to enhance the lives of all of us. As I begin talking about change, I want to start with something that will not be changing, and that is our Rabbi. Other changes are being planned, none of which should do anything but improve the quality of our temple life.

As always, I am thoroughly enjoying my role as President and I hope that if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, ideas or anything else you would like to talk about, I am a phone call away. Do not hesitate to call me. I am here to act as your agent to make things better.

Howie Hirsch