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President's Message April 2013

Spring always brings hope for me. The hope that our garden will thrive. The feeling that I get when I realize I donít have to shovel my driveway and have the snow from the snow thrower fly into my face. Waiting for the mud in my yard to turn hard and be able to walk on it without having to have boots on when I walk the dog. Hope that when I take the winter cover off the pool that the water wonít be dark green and need much work to make it swimmable.

It also makes me think of the wonderful world we live in and how some things just are. At the temple a couple of weeks ago, I was walking to my car and saw my first crocus of the year. That is always a special feeling for me, because it affirms my belief that some things never change.

In this last year, when I know that many things will change in our temple, it is good to remember that life will continue. No matter which direction the temple goes in, we will survive as a family. The friends we have made at this temple do not go away because other things change. The old expression goes something like this: those who canít embrace change will get rolled over by it.

As we continue to make changes in the temple, I hope that you will give your support to all of the new faces that will be around next year.

Love, Howie


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Last updated: April 2, 2013