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President's Message April 2011

As we have just finished our latest Purim Spiel, I cannot tell you what a wonderful time we had in putting this show on. The cast was a mix of older and newer members. Adding in new folks to the ones who have done this for a few years was most entertaining to the cast. While our wonderful director had to tell us many times to stop having side conversations, some of these side conversations led to added choreography and certainly to the esprit de corps. Rehearsals were thoroughly enjoyable, and I think the cast laughed as much during the practice as the audience did during the performance. I think my favorite part of the rehearsals was when Cantor Elana was trying to assist me in singing in the right key, which for those of you who have heard me sing, is quite ridiculous. But it does show that she thinks she can accomplish ANYTHING. Personally, I want to thank the congregation for allowing me to get up on stage, overact, ham it up, and sing off key and still like me afterwards.

In addition to the spiel, the Purim Carnival was also a good time. I was hit in the face with sponges for the 17th year in a row. Some of the newer children seemed to think this was a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday, and I am always happy to make them happy. The way the presents were distributed was a novel idea, and I thought that it worked out well. Huge kudos to the Confirmation Class in general, and to my helper Drew Needleman, who stayed with me during the whole carnival, mop in hand and good nature in spirit, and assisted me with my newly painted booth.

This is one of my favorite days in the temple, and for those adults who did not stop in for the spiel or the carnival, you missed a really good time. The spiel is available on the website. If you have any comments, please direct them to me.

And lastly to the director of the spiel, Debbie Fesinstine, all I can is is OY OY OY.

Shalom and Love,
Howie Hirsch


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