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President's Message April 2007

I am writing this message to you after attending (and participating) in the second ever talent show at the Jewish Center. If you did not attend this show, I cannot tell you how much you missed. Everyone in the audience had a grin a mile wide from the first act to the last. Well, since I was first and last, maybe just the ones in between. The night belonged to the performers and I wanted to thank each and every one of them personally. You were all wonderful.

My favorite performer for the night was Edythe, who told a short autobiographical story about wanting to be a blues singer, but her mother told her that it was not an appropriate profession for a nice Jewish girl. Well last night Edythe got her wish and sang a few verses from old songs that she used to sing at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs up in Canada. She followed that up with a rousing rendition of a song made famous by Cab Calloway called Minnie the Moocher, and she had the whole audience participating in the Hi-he-hi-de-ho part of the song. To see the light in her eyes and the smile on her face as she was performing was something I will never forget. And in case you do not know who Edythe is, she is the mother of our past president Sharon. She is also 85 years old. But after watching her last night, 85 years young would be much more appropriate.

I will also let you know about one other performer, Jonathan, who at 8 years old was not our youngest performer, but I think our gutsiest. Jonathan has been practicing magic tricks for about 4 weeks now, according to what I heard last night, and was able to get on stage last night and amaze and amuse us with a few magic tricks. He was absolutely wonderful.

There were so many others that performed that made our hearts swell with pride as we watched each one of them perform. I believe that last night's show was even better than last yearís show and I canít wait to do it again. Special presidential thanks to Helen, who conceived this idea and has made it come to fruition for the past two years. Mazel Tov, Helen.





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