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President's Message April 2006

When my mind turns to Passover celebrations, a number of memories flood my mind. Going to the Seder on Long Island with my great aunts, cousins and my grandparents. Being SO PROUD when I was able to ask the four questions, being upset when my younger brother learned them and I wasn't “needed” anymore. Sitting on the Belt Parkway for what seemed like forever, asking my Mom, are we there yet? I remember the silver dollars my grandfather used to get us for finding the Afikoman, whether we actually found it or not. I wonder what happened to those silver dollars? I don’t think I ever got to keep them. Nowadays, it is my turn to hide the Afikoman, and have the kiderlach wonder how I got it out of the room with no one able to figure out how I did it. None of my memories of Passover involve the synagogue; it was always family time, until last year.

Last year we had a wonderful and special Seder at the synagogue on the second night of Passover. We had such a wonderful time, we have decided to do this again. This time, we are opening it up to the public; as it says in the Haggaddah, all who are hungry, come and share the Passover with us. If you would like to bring your family or friends to this celebration, please contact Esther Bakonyi, who is coordinating the event. Please let her know by April 6th, so we can make sure all of the essentials are taken care of.

Over the last few years of being your president, I have become much more aware how fragile everything is, and how we all need to be a family to make this congregation stay alive and vital. You are all very special to me and I hope you will join us on Thursday April 13th at 6:30 for a very special Passover celebration.