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March 2019 Message from President Howie Hirsch

The Beauty and wonder of Nature.

This is how I felt this Friday. We were having trouble with the lift and I was at the temple to meet the technician. As I approached the temple, something caught my eyes. It was a sign of spring, a sign of hope and a sign of survival. What was it? It was the daffodils that we planted in October starting to push through the rocks. Right now, there is maybe an inch showing and not all of them are starting to show themselves. This is what leads to the hope and anticipation. With 500 daffodils planted, I am hopeful that almost all of them will bloom. I am anticipating having some sort of commemoration when they are blooming, and I am looking forward to being able to enjoy the beauty which so many of you helped to create.

As we go through the shortest days of the year when we have less daylight, any sign that the days are lengthening, and the warmth of spring is on its way brightens my days. In addition, spring training is alive and that means baseball will return soon, and you all know how much I like baseball. Even if I will have to listen to Rabbi Dubin gloat about his team winning last year, I will still enjoy the smells and sounds of going to Yankee Stadium with my cousin Erik and my good friend Price. I have been a regular at Yankee Stadium for opening day. I have been a regular at Yankee Stadium for opening day for many years - this will be my 38th out of the last 41.

Lastly, the Purim Spielers are rehearsing our hearts out under the direction of Debbie Apsel to put on a wonderful Beatles-themed show for you on Sunday, March 24. I look forward to seeing all of you there to support our brave actors who have the nerve to sing and act on stage in hope of entertaining you. Please be there!!!



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