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March 2017 Message from President Howie Hirsch

Purim spiel 2017

This month, I am going to use my column to suggest that the entire congregation come and see the reading of the Megillah as well as Debbie Fesinstine's direction of the Purim Spiel players on Sunday March 12th. As someone who has participated in the spiel for a number of years, I can assure you that the play is not only for the Sunday School students. The cast takes our parts very seriously as you will see when you come out to watch. Not only do we convey the story of Purim in an interesting and slightly less than straight forward manner, there are lots of laughs to be had. This year, the part of Queen Esther will be played by, well you will have to come and see. Some of our performers are incredibly talented and some of them are not quite as talented, but those of us in the second category make up for that with spirited performances.

Purim is a FUN holiday and I encourage you to come and celebrate with us. Look elsewhere in the newsletter to find out what time the service will begin.

In addition, look in the newsletter for upcoming events and become involved in the temple activities. As I have found out, you get more out of volunteering for the temple than just a good feeling. You get to interact with the nicest people that I know of in the area. In addition, you get to help me fulfill my mission, which is to ensure that there is a Jewish presence in Warren County for the upcoming generations.

I wish you all a wonderful month of March and I look forward to seeing you around the temple this month.

Love, Howie

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