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President's Message March 2013

In this month’s column, I would like to take the time to thank the entire congregation for everything you do to make this temple a special place. The adults who study Torah and pass their knowledge and ethics on to the rest of the community. The members of the PTO who enhance the Sunday School program with their enthusiasm and dedication to their children in Sunday School. The teachers of the Sunday School who through their tireless dedication help make our children able to be extraordinary in terms of their Jewish knowledge and ability to read Hebrew. The teacher’s assistants, or as Mr. Weiner calls them, his colleagues, who without their help, the Sunday School would not function as well as it does. The B’nai Mitzvah students throughout the year who have been performing Mitzvah projects for at least the last dozen years. The members of the Board of Trustees, who give tirelessly of their time to ensure the future of the congregation. The members of the Sisterhood that have revitalized that organization. The Rabbinic Search Committee, which has spent countless hours to find a successor to Rabbi Lewis. The folks who clean up the kitchen after our events, as well as the ones who prepare the food for our events. The people who read Torah on the High Holidays, as well the ones who learned how to blow the shofar this year. The ones who are on the House Committee who take care of the building as well as the ones who take care of the building on their own and fix things when they see them needing fixing, as well as the ones who see what needs to be fixed. The ones who have been able to creatively come up with a way to be able to bury our loved ones, and especially in coming up with a way to allow interfaith couples to be buried in our cemetery. And everyone else whose contributions are essential in the community’s well-being.

I have never been involved in a community where so many of us are dedicated to a single purpose, and that is the the well-being of the congregation and the future of Judaism in the western part of New Jersey.

I often think about the following when deciding important issues at the temple. What would the founding fathers of our congregation think about this issue? If we keep that as the overriding Mission Statement of our temple, it makes many of the tough decisions much easier. At the board meetings, we have open and frank discussions about the issues that abound in the synagogue, but we treat each other with love and respect in disagreement. Presiding over a group who truly cares about the present as well as the future has been one of the most important parts of my life and I thank every one of you for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

Love, Howie


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Last updated: March 2, 2013