Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

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President's Message March 2006

At the last board meeting, the day before Valentine’s Day, I presented each board member present with a rose as a small gesture on my part to say thank you to these dedicated people who volunteer their time, effort and emotions to keep our community alive. After I did this, Rabbi Lewis gave an observation that I had just made Valentine’s day a Jewish holiday, or at least I took a secular holiday and made it a little Jewish.

How many ways, as we live our day to day life, do we inject lessons we have learned at services and Sunday school or adult education. In my opinion, that is what Judaism is about. When we take the lessons that we have learned about performing Mitzvot and taking them to the world outside our synagogue. The world is full of many different types of people. Some of them are not as nice as we would like them to be. To be Jewish is to soften their heart. For most of the other people in the world, they are good people. Some have fallen upon hard times. For those people, we need to lend a hand and help them to get on their own two feet and be able to support themselves. And for those that we can’t do that, we need to be able to help them in any way we can. These are the Jewish morals that I have learned.

There are so many ways to help people. One charity near and dear to my heart is the Special Olympics. On the 26th of February, most of my family will be participating in an outing called the Polar Bear Plunge, where we get the privilege of raising money for the Special Olympics and then jumping in the balmy 38 degree ocean in Point Pleasant Beach. In making things Jewish, maybe next year we can build a team from the temple and have a wonderful day on the beach in February.

Shalom and BRRRRRRR,