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President's Message March 2004

As I wake early each morning to go to work, I realize that today is going to be a great. What does a great day mean to me? It means the opportunity to help other people. It can be as simple as just saying good morning to everyone I meet, or saying something nice to them and maybe getting them to smile. In my job as a computer specialist, people often call me and preface their questions with something like, “I am sorry to bother you.” I always answer in the same tone, “I am here to help you.” It means being as a pleasant as I can to everyone that day. I received an email this week about a man who was always positive and cheerful, almost to the point where people were annoyed at him for being too cheerful. The man said that “I get to make choices every day. I can choose to be cheerful or not. I can choose how I react to any given situation.” This man had a serious accident and when people visited him in the hospital, he was still the same cheerful person he had always been.

One of the beauties of being a human is that we get to make conscious choices. We can choose to let our situation get us down, or we can be grateful for all of the things that we do have. One of the things that I get to see as President is how each of you is making those choices regarding the Jewish Center. I am extremely proud of the choices that are made on a consistent basis. It reflects so well on our past leadership and all of you that I see so much good coming out of this congregation.

On the 12th of March, we have a special treat for all of you. One of Rabbi Lewis’ friends, a cantorial student named Marcy Kadin, will join us for Shabbat Across America and sing a few selections. I hope that you all get a chance to hear her magnificent voice.

Howie Hirsch