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February 2016 Message from President Howie Hirsch

This past month, Rabbi Dubin and I were privileged to attend the Shallat Retreat sponsored by the URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) for temples with new rabbis. We spent two days getting to know each other better and to develop our vision for the future of our temple.

One of the exercises that we performed was to determine the things that we do as a congregation and then classify them. As we performed this exercise, I was amazed at how many things that we do as a small congregation. The following list was compiled in 10 minutes, so there are certainly things that you do that may not have made this list.

1. Shabbat services
2. Maintain our building
3. Tzedakah
4. Biker Cholim (visiting the sick)
5. Cantor’s Adult Education
6. Rabbi’s Adult Education
7. Adult Hebrew Reading programs
8. Sukkah dinner
9. M&M dispenser
10. Madrichim program
11. Confirmation class
12. Temple Picnic
13. Evenings of Honor for distinguished members
14. Lay led Torah Study
15. Book Club
16. Mah Jongg
17. B’Nai Mitzvah training
18. Shabbat Across America
19. Hanukkah Celebration
20. Children’s Service
21. Lay Torah readers at High Holidays
22. Active Sisterhood
23. Girls’ Night out
24. Domestic Abuse Training
25. Board Meetings
26. Committee Meetings
27. Food Drive
28. Grow-a-Row
29. Blood Drive
30. Purim Spiel
31. Israeli Day Parade
32. E-mail blasts
33. Library
34. Torah writing session
35. Teen social events
36. Sunday School
37. Speakers
38. Elevator
39. New kitchen – environmentally focused
40. New Kashrut policy for in temple events
41. Recycling program
42. Newsletter
43. Interfaith connections
44. Communal beginning of Sunday School
45. Website
46. Membership training
47. Shabbat dinners at temple
48. Summer camp seminar
49. Fund raising
50. PTO
51. Shofar training
52. Camp tuition
53. Scholarship
54. Cemetery

If you do something, large or small, and it is not on this list, please send me a note so I can update the list. I want to have this to remind ourselves of how much we are able to do. Many times, we discuss what else we want to do as a congregation, but sometimes it is just as important to reflect on what we do.
Howie Hirsch

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