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President's Message February 2015

Every two years, our Board forms a committee to solicit congregants to participate in lay leadership. This Nominating Committee is in the process of being formed, with Sharon Herson serving as its chair. The Nominating Committee is looking for congregants to serve as chairs or co-chairs of the various committees, as officers of the temple or at-large members to the Board.

The lay leadership of our temple is comprised of 15 Board members and chairpersons or co-chairpersons of each of the temple committees. The temple committees include Ritual (which is the backbone of our temple, working closely with the Rabbi in preparing the High Holidays and Shabbat services, and other ritual related items), Membership, Media (web page, facebook, advertising and newsletter), Education, Sisterhood, Finance, House, and Cemetery. A detailed description of each of the committees can be found at our website.

Each committee chairperson serves on the Board, as does our officers, immediate past president and 3 at-large members. Temple issues are addressed and decisions are made at the committee level with recommendations being made to the Board for resolution. By following this process, the committee participants have a say in the day-to-day function of our temple as well as its future.

All of these positions are volunteer positions. And I know that it is easy to sit back and not actively participate in committees or take on leadership roles, to take advantage of our programs and perhaps even question decisions that have been made. However, this was not what we agreed to do when we joined our temple. Our dues are set low in exchange for participation. We operate cooperatively, expecting all to lend a hand. Admittedly, after joining the Jewish Center it took me nearly three years to become actively involved in our temple community. Whether you have been a member for many years but have not been involved for some time or if you never really got involved before, itís not too late for you.

I understand that we all have busy lives, with work and family obligations in the forefront. Although the payoff received by participating in temple committee work or while contributing at the Board level may not be financially lucrative in nature, it is rewarding in so many other ways. Beyond developing personal relationships and friendships, individual involvement enables this special Jewish community in a remote rural area of New Jersey to exist.

Our templeís continued success depends upon your participation. If you are interested in becoming a board member, an officer or committee chair, please reach out to Sharon Herson or me by the end of February. If you are interested in joining a committee, please attend a committee meeting. Your participation counts and is needed. On behalf of the Jewish Center, thank you for getting involved.

Mo Bauer

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