Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

President's Message February 2012

I would like to discuss the concept of security at the temple this month. In light of the events of the past few weeks in Bergen County, the Board will be discussing security again at our upcoming meetings. If you have anything that you would like to bring up to the board in regards to this subject, please either contact me, or attend the next board meeting on Monday February 13th at 7:30 p.m.

The board wants to do our best to make everyone feel safe in the building, and we need to know what your concerns are in this regard. Remember that ideas that will cost money could result in increased dues, and this board is extremely conscious of additional costs and we discuss items that will cost more than a trifle of money over and over to ensure that we spend our money wisely.

We also want very much to retain the cozy and comfortable feeling that you get when you walk into our temple, and some practices and procedures that may work for larger congregations may not work here. Our board is composed of highly motivated, but very busy people, who dedicate part of their lives to make sure that we remain a viable Jewish organization in Warren County. So we need your help in this matter. Security is everyone’s business. So when you come to temple, maybe you want to be the one to walk the perimeter of the building to see if anything looks out of place. Maybe while you are waiting for your child to come out of Sunday school, you can keep a vigilant eye on the neighborhood to see if anything looks out of place. And if you see something, say something.



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