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President's Message February 2010

This month has been a revelation to me.

My wife Iris has been recovering from surgery and all I can do is marvel at the support we have received from this congregation. From the folks who bring us food so I have time to do other things besides cook, to the folks who have offered us rides, or to go to the store for us. The phone calls asking how Iris is doing and if there is anything that we need are all appreciated. I cannot express my gratitude and thankfulness enough to all of you.

While dealing with our family issues, a worldwide tragedy struck in Haiti. When you look at the pictures and stories coming from there, it makes you realize that we are blessed, even when we are going through troubles. I attended a prayer meeting at the Trinity Methodist Church in Hackettstown two days after the earthquake hit. The church has been sending a mission to Haiti for the last 15 years, and their annual mission was twenty miles north of Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit. The leader of the Girl Scout troop that my daughters were in when they were younger was on this mission. When I decided to attend the prayer service, the members of the mission had not been heard from. No one knew if they were alive and, if alive, if they had been injured. A few hours before the service, the pastor on the mission was able to call and say that all members of the mission were safe and sound.

This changed the tenor of what the meeting was from concern about the local church members to the overall situation in Haiti. We prayed, sang hymns, consoled each other and made donations to assist the needy in Haiti.

I hope that each one of you is able to make a difference in our temple family and in the world in general this year. Do it in honor of your parents or teachers. Do it for our children. Do it for yourself. Pledge to make 2010 the year that we all go that extra step to enhance the lives of those around us. I give you my word that those will be my goals for the coming year.

May you enjoy a healthy and peaceful year.




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