Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

115 Youmans Avenue, Washington, New Jersey
(908) 689-0762

President's Message February 2004

As a parent with three teenagers, much of my life is spent trying to find a few minutes when there can be a quiet time in my life. With all the running around that I do, those few minutes of peace are so valuable. I got to have a few of those moments this weekend, when I got two runs on the slopes of Shawnee to myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the skiing with my kids this weekend, but I think my favorite time was on the lift by myself at the end of the day. The slopes were still, the snow had just started falling and the chance to reflect was much needed.

I got to realize that I am lucky to have the things that I have in life, and that the troubles that bother me are much less than what many others have to endure. In any situation that I find myself in life, there is always someone doing better than me, and there is someone who is fighting battles that I would not want to battle. When I look at the world and I see some-one who appears to be better off than me, I try to remember that that person also has trou-bles. And as well, when I look at someone who seems to be struggling more than I am, I try to think about the good that is in that person’s life. I know that everyone has good in them, and when I see you in shul or on the street, that is what I see in all of you.

Because of all of you and the goodness that is within each of you, I am proud to be your
president. May your n a c h a s be great and your struggles be few.

Howie Hirsch