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President's Message January 2013

For all of you who were able to make it to New York City on December 2nd to participate in the Voices against Brain Cancer event, you all know how emotional a day it was. One of the ways that we can come together as a community is to help our members when they need us. To see the number of people that were there that day from the congregation was wonderful to see. As I was taking a picture of “Friends of Mike” after the awards ceremony, it was surreal to see so many people there to support Mike. I know that he appreciated it immensely, and the support he is receiving from his family and friends as well as the congregation is helping feed his drive to beat this disease.

As we turn to a new secular year, my wish for the entire congregation remains constant from my wishes every year. First of all, may you enjoy good health in 2013. May you find peace within yourself. May you make a commitment to helping others. And lastly, make a commitment to involve yourself in our Jewish community wherever and whenever you can. Try to make as many Friday night services as you can and join us for Shabbat. Shabbat really is the most important day in the Jewish year, and it is wonderful when we are together.

He Nay Mah Tov, U’man-ay-im, Shevet Ach-im Gam ya-chad.

Love to you all,


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Last updated: January 5, 2013