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President's Message January 2012

When people join our temple, one of the things that impresses them is that we care about each other. This implies that we are a caring community. What is a caring community? The name simply implies that as a group, we care about each other. We are there to share the joys of life with each other, we are there to help ease the pain and suffering of others, and generally we are there for each other. There are many components in forming a caring community. In the Saturday morning prayers, there is a section that lists some of the “rewards without measure”. The one I would like to focus on is visiting the sick.

In our community, when one of us is ill, we cannot assist you as a community if we do not know. I know some of you are very private people and prefer to keep your illness to yourself so you do not burden others. Others have so much pride that they feel that asking others for help means that they are not capable of taking care of themselves. My first request of all of you would be to let me know when you are ill, so that I can let the community know. This gives us the chance to perform this Mitzvah, whether it is sending a get well card, making a phone call or making a visit to see that you are ok.

The second request I have of you is that when you hear of someone who is ill, please make an effort to send a card, make a phone call or visit someone who is ill. I know that I have not been good enough about performing this mitzvah this year, and one of my resolutions for next year is to be better about this, and to encourage the congregation to improve upon this mitzvah for 2012. May we all be healthy in 2012, but when someone is ill, let’s make sure that we support each other with much love.



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Last updated: January 15, 2012