Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

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President's Message January 2004

During the end of year holiday season, it is plain to me that people seem to treat each other a little nicer around this time of year. There seem to be more smiles, and people are a little more patient with each other, except for getting a parking spot at the mall. With that in mind, I have been asking myself, what are my obligations in life, as a husband, as a father, as a co-worker, as a friend and as your Temple president?|

Have I succeeded this year? What can I do to make next year a better year for those around me?

In terms of my family, I can assist more in the things that are important to each member of the family and give them the time they deserve. As I husband, to cherish my wife and make her feel special. As a worker, to do my best for my clients and to try and do more than they expect of me. As a friend, I want to be there for each of you when you need me, and to be able to lean on you when times are tough. And as Temple president, I would like to be
able to lead you in Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. I hope that as a Temple we can give you the opportunities to help make a difference in our Temple and the Jewish community that we live in.

Please look around you and see what impact you can have in the community. We all must do a small part to make the community work.

I love this Temple for the people that I have met here and come to cherish. May 2004 be a wonderful year for all of us, filled with health and happiness.

Howie Hirsch