Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

Board of Trustees

The Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey has a Board of Trustees to handle the general management of the affairs, funds, fees, records and property of the congregation. The board meets monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the temple - check the homepage or calendar for the next meeting. Meetings are open to temple members.

Board of Trustees 2015 - 2016

President Howie Hirsch
Vice President Marsha Gross
Secretary Rhonda Jordan
Treasurer Cindy Wilson
Immediate Past President Mo Bauer
Finance Cindy Wilson
Religious Practices (Ritual) Iris Hirsch
Education Deb Kalisher
House (Building and Grounds) Jeff Berkowitz
Membership Jeanne Berkowitz
Debbie Kahan
Sisterhood Rochelle Ostenfeld
Alison Shelofsky
Cemetery Jim Arvesen
Website Paul Tarlowe
At Large Bob Margolis
At Large Marci Braunstein
At Large Vacant
Non-Voting Member Rabbi Dr. Andy Dubin



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